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-'Follow The Music': Alice Gerrard's Life In Folk,
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Old-time music great Alice Gerrard keeps adding to her legacy- Washington Post

2015 Grammy Nominee
"Alice has a haunting and distinctive voice and she can do anything— holler, shout, belt it out, swing a little, croon a little, and then flat-out break your heart."
Lee Smith
"Alice has allowed her love of The Ancient Tones to guide her along a dusty pathway ...bending her ear to catch the perfect turn of a note and learning to reproduce it.... She has made a music that is at once ancient and personal."-
Laurie Lewis
"The Judds owe Hazel and Alice a sincere thank you, not only for showing us how to take our first musical step, but for continuing to help preserve old-time music.”
Naomi Judd
"I’m thankful people like Alice are on the scene. They show us ways to make something old into something new."
Tim O'Brien
"Queen of the Universe"
Rayna Gellert

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